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Where Affinda really stood out out head and shoulders above the others is in their level of support and attention to the customer.

Scott S
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Affinda’s RecruitmentAI Suite

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Save hours on invoice processing every week

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Intelligent Candidate Matching & Ranking AI

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Extract Job Descriptions as Clean Data

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Remove Bias in Hiring

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Are you looking for these things from your Resume Parser Software & API?

We called up our existing customers and ask them why they chose us. Below are their top answers…

Affinda consistently comes out ahead in competitive tests against other systems

With Affinda, you can spend less without sacrificing quality

We respond quickly to emails, take feedback, and adapt our product accordingly

VEGA is the AI Engine Behind Affinda’s Resume Parser

More powerful and more efficient means more accurate and more affordable.

Technology that extracts over 100 fields per resume.

Affinda’s machine learning software uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) to extract more than 100 fields from each resume, organizing them into searchable file formats. Fields extracted include:

Name, contact details, phone, email, websites, and more

Employer, job title, location, dates employed

Institution, degree, degree type, year graduated

Courses, diplomas, certificates, security clearance and more

Detailed taxonomy of skills, leveraging a best-in-class database containing over 3,000 soft and hard skills

Candidate summary and objective

Language(s) spoken

Affinda’s highly accurate and affordable CV Parser API: the best choice for your ATS, Job Board or HR Tech Platform

Whether you’re a hiring manager, a recruiter, or an ATS or CRM provider, our deep learning powered software can measurably improve hiring outcomes.

Parse CVs in 56 Languages

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Overall, we are very happy with having switched. Problems are resolved quickly. We have some unique requirements and they were able to work with us on that.

Jon S
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Years of enterprise experience

With a dedicated in-house legal team, we have years of experience in navigating Enterprise procurement processes.

This reduces headaches and means you can get started more quickly.


Compliance matters

It’s not easy to navigate the complex world of international compliance. That’s why we built our systems with enough flexibility to adjust to your needs. If you have specific requirements around compliance, such as privacy or data storage locations, please reach out. Our team is highly experienced in dealing with such matters and will be able to help.

We Have A Unique Case. Can You Adapt To Us?

Since launching the Resume Parser, we have:

Unique case

Frequently asked questions

In a nutshell, it is a technology used to extract information from a resume or a CV.

Modern resume parsers leverage multiple AI neural networks and data science techniques to extract structured data. Typical fields being extracted relate to a candidate’s personal details, work experience, education, skills and more, to automatically create a detailed candidate profile. The extracted data can be used for a range of applications from simply populating a candidate in a CRM, to candidate screening, to full database search. These tools can be integrated into a software or platform, to provide near real time automation.

1.Automatically completing candidate profiles

Automatically populate candidate profiles, without needing to manually enter information

2.Candidate screening

Filter and screen candidates, based on the fields extracted. Sort candidates by years experience, skills, work history, highest level of education, and more. Extracted data can be used to create your very own job matching engine.

3.Database creation and search

Get more from your database. It is not uncommon for an organisation to have thousands, if not millions, of resumes in their database. Resume parsing can be used to create a structured candidate information, to transform your resume database into an easily searchable and high-value asset

Affinda serves a wide variety of teams: Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), Internal Recruitment Teams, HR Technology Platforms, Niche Staffing Services, and Job Boards – ranging from tiny startups all the way through to large Enterprises and Government Agencies.

Affinda can process résumés in eleven languages— English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Polish, Indonesian, and Hindi.

Good intelligent document processing – be it invoices or résumés – requires a combination of technologies and approaches.

Our solution uses deep transfer learning in combination with recent open source language models, to segment, section, identify, and extract relevant fields:

We use image-based object detection and proprietary algorithms developed over several years to segment and understand the document, to identify correct reading order, and ideal segmentation.
The structural information is then embedded in downstream sequence taggers which perform Named Entity Recognition (NER) to extract key fields.
Each document section is handled by a separate neural network.
Post-processing of fields to clean up location data, phone numbers and more.
Comprehensive skills matching using semantic matching and other data science techniques
To ensure optimal performance, all our models are trained on our database of thousands of English language resumes.

You can upload PDF, .doc and .docx files to our online tool and Resume Parser API.

Affinda has the capability to process scanned resumes. We use best-in-class intelligent OCR to convert scanned resumes into digital content. This is not currently available through our free resume parser. Please get in touch if you need a professional solution that includes OCR.

All uploaded information is stored in a secure location and encrypted. You can read all the details here.
Excel (.xls), JSON, and XML. JSON & XML are best if you are looking to integrate it into your own tracking system. Excel (.xls) output is perfect if you’re looking for a concise list of applicants and their details to store and come back to later for analysis or future recruitment.
We can build you your own parsing tool with custom fields, specific to your industry or the role you’re sourcing. Simply get in touch here!
Biases can influence interest in candidates based on gender, age, education, appearance, or nationality. Blind hiring involves removing candidate details that may be subject to bias. This allows you to objectively focus on the important stuff—like skills, experience, related projects. Affinda has the ability to customise output to remove bias, and even amend the resumes themselves, for a bias-free screening process. We use this process internally and it has led us to the fantastic and diverse team we have today! Please get in touch if this is of interest.

We’ve limited our online tool to 25 resumes at a time, to ensure everyone using it experiences super high-speed data extraction. Interested in a solution for automated uploads with an unlimited volume limit? Simply get in touch with one of our AI experts today.

Our Online App and CV Parser API will process documents in a matter of seconds. To keep you from waiting around for larger uploads, we email you your output when it’s ready. Don’t worry though, most of the time output is delivered to you within 10 minutes. If you’re looking for a faster, integrated solution, simply get in touch with one of our AI experts.

Teams getting their productivity back

James E

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The team at Affinda is very easy to work with. They are a great partner to work with, and I foresee more business opportunity in the future.

Rebeca N

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We evaluated four competing solutions, and after the evaluation we found that Affinda scored best on quality, service and price.

James M

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Draftable helps us save time and create value in our analysis using AI. It was easy to setup with no training necessary. It is very accurate and user friendly.

Scott S

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Very satisfied and will absolutely be using Resume Redactor for future rounds of hiring. The output is very intuitive and helps keep the team organized.

Jon S

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Good flexibility; we have some unique requirements and they were able to work with us on that.

Hayley B

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It was very easy to embed the CV parser in our existing systems and processes. Clear and transparent API documentation for our development team to take forward.

Affinda’s highly accurate and affordable CV Parser API: the best choice for your ATS, Job Board or HR Tech Platform

Whether you’re a hiring manager, a recruiter, or an ATS or CRM provider, our deep learning powered software can measurably improve hiring outcomes.