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Finance AI

The No-Nonsense Guide to AI Invoice Processing

10 minutes
AI invoice processing may seem complex at first glance; but it's incredibly accessible: anyone can use it. Here's everything you need to know.

It’s Time for a New Invoice OCR App. Here’s Why

8 minutes
You've been doing what you can with your old invoice OCR tools long enough. It's time for a refresh, and this is why.

How to Get an Online Invoice OCR That Makes Your Life Easier

8 minutes
Manual data entry is for the birds. It's time to simplify your life with an online invoice OCR.

Invoice RPA Pros and Cons. Does It Really Work?

6 minutes
Is invoice RPA worth the investment? Here we'll look at the pros and cons.

Open Source Invoice Data Extraction API (and an Alternative)

4 minutes
An open source invoice data extraction API might have the power to speed up your invoice processing and make your entire AP office more efficient. Here's what you need to know about open source data extraction options -- and one non-open source alternative.

3 Benefits of Invoice OCR Software

5 minutes
Invoice OCR software has the potential to transform your AP workflow and free up your staff even as it increases your efficiency and profit margins. How? Here are three ways.

Recruitment AI

What Does a Resume Parser Do?

4 minutes
Resume parsers are all the rage in HR and recruitment, but what exactly do they do?

AI Resume Screening: Hacking the Recruitment Process

5 minutes
Why do things the hard way if there's a better option right there? Take a look at AI resume screening.

Resume Parsing in Hiring: What Is It & Why?

Resume parsing in hiring may become your biggest asset. Here's why.

You Can Finally Parse Resumes to Salesforce

4 minutes
If you've been wishing for an easy way to parse resumes to salesforce, wish no more. Here's how it's done.

4 Key Resume Parsing Techniques and Why You Only Need the Last One

5 minutes
There are many resume parsing techniques out there, but they don't all perform to the same standard. Here's the best option for your recruiting software.

Meet the Customer: Friday Media Group

6 minutes
At Affinda, the customer comes first, and we work hard to ensure that each of our users and business partners finds our AI solutions not only powerful and accurate but also easy to use and 100% adaptable to their very specific needs.

Affinda Updates

Interview With Jeff Melton: The Story of a Legendary Coaching Style

5 Minutes
Leadership is hard, but some make it look easy. Jeff Melton is one of those people. He’s our COO and has become a legend at the company for his unique coaching style. So, after hearing yet another one of our team members rave about his methods, we knew that we had to share this knowledge.

Say Hello to Our Resume Parser API

3 Minutes
If you've found yourself swamped with untold amounts of applications and resumes, here is a solution that can vastly simplify your workflow: a resume parser API.

Say Hello to Our Resume Parser for Recruiters

5 Minutes
A resume parser for recruiters can transform your work life and make data entry or sorting resumes a distant memory from your past. Here's how it works.

What it's Really Like to Work at Affinda

4 Minutes
Hey! My name is Mat and I run marketing for Affinda. In this post I’ll be sharing with you what it’s like to work here.

New: Affinda Launches Resume Parser in Python

3 Minutes
Have you been wishing you could find a resume parser with dedicated python client libraries to simplify your integration work? You've got it! Affinda's state of the art resume parser is now available in python, and you'll be able to connect the API with just a few lines of code.

Affinda's Resume Parser: Your FAQs Answered

6 Minutes
We love talking about our resume parser, and here we share our answers to some of the questions we've heard frequently over the years.