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Affinda is focused on the intelligent processing of documents/text based files.

Here’s just a small subset of our AI technology’s applications. Don’t see your industry below? We’d love to design a solution custom-tailored for your organization. Schedule your free consultation!

Human Resources:

Resume Parsing

Our PDF-native artificial-intelligence solution streamlines and standardizes the CV and resume review process.

Affinda’s deep-learning architecture quickly evaluates thousands of resumes and CVs, extracting predefined text fields into a single consistent format.

Our custom-designed solutions automatically identify and highlight key resume components according to the client’s chosen criteria — rapidly zeroing in on the most pertinent words and phrases.

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Legal Documents:

Contract Negotiation, Review and Compliance

Apply leading-edge AI and machine learning to recognize patterns and sequences within contracts, pulling the information that corresponds to required legal terms. What’s more, Affinda designs each AI solution to plug and play seamlessly into the clients’ existing credit reporting workflow — whether that means deploying through a web interface, or a cloud-hosted or self-hosted API accessible via Python script.

B2C Operations:

Customer and Client Onboarding

Our deep learning solution automatically extracts information from thousands of inbound customer and client documents — dramatically reducing processing time, while increasing accuracy and consistency beyond human-level. We can deploy our solution in whatever way best suits your needs — whether that’s by generating JSON and XML output, or a user-friendly web interface.

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Procurement and Accounts Payable:

Invoice Parsing

Our AI-powered invoice data extraction solution processes documents across a wide range of different formats. Capture data from more than 40 different fields, all fully customizable for your organization’s specific needs.
Affinda’s inbuilt intelligent OCR is capable of reading scanned invoices, and even photos of invoices. Our invoice reader can understand a range of formats, including PDF, JPG, PNG, word, and more. The vast proportion of fields can be automatically extracted with better-than-human level accuracy (>98%).

Business Operations​:


From short forms to extensive multi-page tables, Affinda’s deep-learning AI technology is adept at pinpointing and extracting the most relevant information into consistent, ordered lists. From day one, Affinda immediately begins capturing measurable ROI by automatically extracting the vast majority of form fields with better-than-human  accuracy. 

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Contract Review:

Lease Abstraction

Legal document analysis software extracts and summarizes all important fields for lease abstraction companies, automatically organizing these points — along with many others — into neatly ordered lists. This automatic process of lease abstraction is not only beneficial to real estate agents, but also to lenders or property investors, who can obtain much more data in return for much a much lower time and resource investment

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