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Create beautiful branded resumes for your clients — with just a few clicks.

Affinda’s CV formatting technology rapidly applies consistent branding to whole batches of resumes for candidate submissions — giving you more time to recruit and place candidates.

Why recruiters love our resume reformatting software:

Reduced cost and complexity

No need to outsource reformatting, hire temps, or assign repetitive labor to your own staff.

Flawlessly consistent branding

Our algorithm intelligently arranges all resume formats into your agency’s branded template.

Measurable time

Affinda’s automated templating pipeline frees up recruiters to focus on placing candidates.

Ready to see a personalized demonstration?

Use our resume templating tool to:

Apply your agency’s brand imagery

Format entire batches of resumes into one consistent visual style.

Redact candidates’ personal info

Make sure your clients contact you — not your candidates.

Append details about your agency

Package contract terms inside your branded resume files.

Anonymize CVs to fight discrimination

Promote diversity and fairness in candidate selection.

Affinda’s resume reformatting software inserts every candidate’s information into your branded template, applying your agency’s proprietary formatting and anonymizing candidates’ personal information — generating consistently branded resumes in a fraction of the time you’d spend on manual CV formatting.

Ready to get started with our automated CV templating solution?

Reformat entire batches of resumes into one consistent template.

Our machine-learning automation is brilliant at identifying relevant fields within resumes of widely varying formats, and fitting them all within the branded template you specified. Here are just some of the changes our software can apply to your reformatted CVs:

Logo and header

Applying your imagery to create recognizable resumes that build brand awareness

Font and color

Aligning each resume’s visual appearance with your company’s look and feel


Arranging all fields into the same consistent order across all formatted CVs

and spacing

Ensuring professional arrangement of sentences, paragraphs, lines and spaces

Margin adjustment
and alignment

Adding whitespace, balancing margins, and correctly aligning paragraphs of text

Simple monthly pricing. No hidden fees.

Resume templating packages start at just $200 per month — or as an add-on to one of Affinda’s other HR products.

Looking for a custom solution? We can do that too! Schedule a chat with our team to discuss your organization’s needs, and how we can help.

Need a custom CV template? We can do that!

Just send us a sample branded resume, and our team of experts will convert it into a polished template that’ll plug straight into our Resume Templater. You’ll never have to manually add your branding to a resume again!

Years of enterprise experience

With a dedicated in-house legal team, we have years of experience in navigating Enterprise procurement processes.

This reduces headaches and means you can get started more quickly.


Compliance matters

It’s not easy to navigate the complex world of international compliance. That’s why we built our systems with enough flexibility to adjust to your needs. If you have specific requirements around compliance, such as privacy or data storage locations, please reach out. Our team is highly experienced in dealing with such matters and will be able to help.

Frequently asked questions:

Automated resume reformatting (also known as automated CV reformatting) is one of the most exciting new recruitment automation trends. It’s the process of using a smart machine-learning algorithm to reformat the layout, fonts, margins and overall appearance of a candidate’s resume, in order to align its look and feel with your brand. So instead of spending valuable time copy-pasting resume fields into your agency’s template one-by-one, you can generate a branded, polished document in seconds, with just a few clicks.

On the process management side
Affinda’s CV formatting software uses machine learning to quickly and intelligently unify resumes of many different appearances into the consistent visual style you choose. This saves you from having to develop your own internal processes for adding logos and headers, adjusting fonts, correcting margins, and redacting candidates’ personal contact info. It also saves you the inconvenience of hiring temps or freelancers, who may not perform at the level of quality you’re expecting, and whose inconsistent work may result in mistakes that cost you a candidate placement. What’s more, our automated reformatting tool saves you the headache of burdening your recruiters with this repetitive labor, when their time can be more profitably spent creating personalized candidate profiles, recruiting and making placements.

On the external client-facing side
Instead of sending out manually formatted candidate submissions — which are prone to error and styling variance — resume formatting technology enables you to fit any resume into one single branded template. Branded resumes enhance the professionalism of your communication, serving as a striking visual argument for the quality of the candidates you’re seeking to place. At the time, consistent CV branding turns each resume into a marketing asset that raises awareness of your company and keeps you top-of-mind among your clients. The more your clients keep your branded resumes on file, the more they’ll learn to recognize your brand — and as a result, they’ll be more likely to think of you next time they’re looking for a candidate to hire.

Definitely! Once you’ve uploaded a batch of resumes, you’re free to select which details should be included in the final reformatted documents. This gives you a high degree of control over which fields within each resume you share with your clients. 

For example, our CV reformatting software makes it easy for recruiters to:

  • Redact a candidate’s personal contact details, to ensure the client contacts the recruiter rather than reaching out to the candidate directly.
  • Eliminate clutter on the page by clearing away unnecessary information, unrelated qualifications, and any other details that might distract from the candidate’s relevant skills and experience.

Absolutely! In fact, our team will be happy to convert your existing template (from any format) into a file that’ll work seamlessly within our CV formatting software. Just use that file when you apply your branding to the resumes you’ve uploaded, and you’ll get perfectly consistent results every time. You’re also welcome to update your template any time you like. Simply upload candidate resumes and select your template — then our Templater tool does the rest, automatically preparing the formatted resumes for download.

Not at all! If you can attach a document to an email, then you can use Affinda’s resume formatting software. The entire reformatting process consists of just 3 simple steps:

  1. Upload candidate resumes in Word and/or PDF file format(s).
  2. Choose the branded template you’d like to apply to the resumes you’ve uploaded.
  3. Wait just a few minutes, then download your flawlessly formatted resumes.

That’s all there is to it! And if you ever have any questions, our team is here to help.

Nope! All you’ll need is a computer with an internet connection. Our powerful machine-learning algorithm runs in the cloud, enabling you to tap into enterprise-level processing capabilities from any ordinary laptop or desktop machine. We’ll set you up with web-based access that makes it easy to upload batches of resumes, select a branded template to apply to all of them, choose which fields (if any) to remove or redact, then download the reformatted documents — just as easily as downloading an email attachment.

Our resume reformatting automation tool works with both Word and PDF file formats — the two industry-standard formats in which the vast majority of candidates submit their CVs to recruiters. Regardless of how the initial files are formatted and structured, our resume formatting technology immediately identifies the fields you’d like to include, and organizes them within the branded template you’ve specified. That means you’ll never have to worry about time-consuming margin adjustments or line spacing again!

Our tool enables you to upload as many as 25 resumes in a single batch. If you’re interested in automated reformatting of larger numbers of resumes, our team will be glad to talk with you about custom software solutions designed to fit your agency’s needs.

Our reformatted resumes can be used anywhere you’d use a regular Word or PDF document — makes them easy to integrate into your recruiting and pitching workflows. If you have any questions about integrating Affinda’s tools into your existing software, our support team will be happy to walk you through the details.

Resume parsing (or CV parsing) is the process of using machine learning to identify relevant data in a resume (which might be uploaded as a Word or PDF file), and extract that data into a more consistently organized data format that’s easier to sort and search — such as an Excel spreadsheet or JSON document. Affinda’s Resume Parser tool provides exactly this capability.

Resume redacting also uses machine learning to recognize significant data in a text file — but instead of extracting that data for sorting and analysis, a redaction tool removes or blocks out the types of information specified by the user. For example, a recruiter might use Affinda’s Resume Redactor tool to hide applicant details that could contribute to discrimination and hiring bias, helping promote diversity in the workplace.

Resume templating, meanwhile, uses machine learning to differentiate between text that should or shouldn’t be included on a branded CV. The system then organizes the desired information according to a template format provided by the user, while also removing any undesired details before generating a final reformatted file.

All three of these interlocking functionalities can be highly useful to recruiters — in fact, Affinda’s CV Templater tool uses parsing and redaction as central components of its reformatting process.

Affinda provides a wide range of intelligent automated software to streamline every stage of the recruiting process. Our Resume Parser and Resume Redactor tools are particularly popular with recruitment agencies.

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The team at Affinda is very easy to work with. They are a great partner to work with, and I foresee more business opportunity in the future.

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We evaluated four competing solutions, and after the evaluation we found that Affinda scored best on quality, service and price.

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Draftable helps us save time and create value in our analysis using AI. It was easy to setup with no training necessary. It is very accurate and user friendly.

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Very satisfied and will absolutely be using Resume Redactor for future rounds of hiring. The output is very intuitive and helps keep the team organized.

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Good flexibility; we have some unique requirements and they were able to work with us on that.

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It was very easy to embed the CV parser in our existing systems and processes. Clear and transparent API documentation for our development team to take forward.
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