Affinda's Resume Redactor Pricing

We offer a variety of purchasing options for ourCV anonymizing API solution.

Testing packages.

Our testing packages provide the quickest and simplest way to get started with our Resume Redactor. The starter package is free, offering an ideal opportunity to begin integrating our API into your hiring workflow.

Basic Package

Perfect for getting started
with our API
  • Limited testing and integration
  • Redaction limit: 100 documents
  • Expiration: 3 months

Startup Package

Great for introducing blind screening
into your hiring process
  • Extensive testing and integration of the API
  • Redaction limit: 400 documents
  • Expiration: 6 months

Annual subscription:

We offer a range of competitive pricing options, depending on the volume of resumes processed and the specifics of your chosen solution. 

Our sales experts are ready to create a customized solution to suit your organization’s needs.

Bulk redaction packages:

Unsure when you’ll need to anonymize resumes? Buy in bulk and use your redactions any time!

Our bulk redaction packages remain available for up to 5 years — far longer than any other option. Get in touch with our sales experts to learn more!

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Our experts are excited to show you a demo of our end-to-end process — from data collection and training, to model building and iteration, to end solution deployment.

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