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Extract clean, accurate job description in seconds

Affinda’s machine learning software uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) to extract more than 100 fields from each resume, organizing them into searchable file formats. Fields extracted include:

Send the job description to our API
VEGA extracts your job description
Receive the job as clean, usable data

Affinda’s RecruitmentAI Suite

Use our full set of products to fill more roles, faster. Built using VEGA, our powerful Document AI Engine.

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Accurate CV Data Extraction

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Intelligent Candidate Matching & Ranking AI

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Remove Bias in Hiring

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Save hours on invoice processing every week

Data Fields Included in our Job Description Extraction API

VEGA is the AI Engine Behind Affinda’s Job Description Parser

Described by users as ‘so accurate it’s scary’, VEGA is a groundbreaking AI technology that combines the best of:

What Real Users Say About Us

James E

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The team at Affinda is very easy to work with. They are a great partner to work with, and I foresee more business opportunity in the future.

Rebeca N

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We evaluated four competing solutions, and after the evaluation we found that Affinda scored best on quality, service and price.

James M

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Draftable helps us save time and create value in our analysis using AI. It was easy to setup with no training necessary. It is very accurate and user friendly.

Scott S

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Very satisfied and will absolutely be using Resume Redactor for future rounds of hiring. The output is very intuitive and helps keep the team organized.

Jon S

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Good flexibility; we have some unique requirements and they were able to work with us on that.

Hayley B

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It was very easy to embed the CV parser in our existing systems and processes. Clear and transparent API documentation for our development team to take forward.

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