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500+ clients in 23 countries. 20 million documents processed. A team on 4 continents.

Redefining the possibilities of AI. Founded in Melbourne, Australia; serving the globe.

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Meet Affinda

We're on a mission to help you maximize ROI from your document processes.

Ben Toner: CEO, Chief Scientist
PhD, Physics (Caltech), Director.
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Andrew Bird: Head of AI
Qualified Actuary (FIAA), AI Engineer, Author.
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While studying a PhD in Physics, Ben Toner found himself wasting hours on manual data extraction and comparison. To save time, he built a simple comparison tool – Draftable – which has gone on to become the world’s most popular document comparison software. Now under the banner of Affinda, we are a team spread across four continents with a suite of AI products that make processing documents easier.

Trusted by large organisations worldwide.

Classic problems we’re solving.

Affinda has solved 6 notorious AI investment challenges:

Hard-to-read documents

Affinda’s solution:

We’ve spent the past 7 years developing a proprietary cognitive document reconstruction algorithm, which enables our AI to read documents with human-level accuracy.
Excessive data requirements

Affinda’s solution:

Our models use transfer learning to deliver human-quality performance with as few as 50 annotated test documents.
Huge computing power demands

Affinda’s solution:

Our models are specifically designed to be easy to deploy and integrate — and they only require a single GPU to run.
Expensive data science teams

Affinda’s solution:

We’ve democratized the process of building AI solutions. Our proprietary data-labeling and model-training software turns your entire workforce into citizen data scientists.

Affinda’s solution:

Our results-driven team of consultants and AI engineers ensures that business value remains the top priority for every project.

Affinda’s solution:

We build every dataset in-house, and train our models on secure servers with enterprise-level encryption. Solutions can be deployed on desktop, or can be self-hosted internally.

See Affinda in action.

Our experts are excited to show you a demo of our end-to-end process — from data collection and training, to model building and iteration, to end solution deployment.

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