B2C Operations:

Customer and Client Onboarding

Affinda uses AI to extract details from onboarding documents:

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Incomes
  • Bank account balances
  • Credit card balances
  • Credit scores
  • Mortgage, rent and/or lease payments
  • …and many others
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Extract key data into buckets

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Incomes
  • Bank account balances
  • Credit card balances
  • Credit scores
  • Mortgage, rent and/or lease payments
  • …and many others
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context and challenge

Verifying details on onboarding documents is a costly, time-consuming process.

Across all industries and verticals, customers and clients submit a diverse range of document types as part of onboarding and approval processes — for example:

Tax returns

Utility bills (gas, electricity, water, etc.)

Payment slips

Bank account summaries

Credit card statements

Rent, lease and mortage documents

...and many others

Current manual or rules-based solutions are outdated, and introduce unnecessary inefficiencies and errors throughout every onboarding pipeline:

  1. Manual processing is time-consuming and expensive, creating massive delays that negatively impact customer experiences and business outcomes.
  2. Rules-based parsing technologies fail to detect changes in document formats, introducing errors that require complex manual workarounds.

Affinda's solution and impact

Automatically extract information from onboarding documents and organize it into sorted lists.

Enter Affinda, whose AI-powered data extraction solution processes documents across a wide range of different formats.

Our deep-learning neural network solution is able to read any document format, and consistently extract the most relevant information from customer and client documents with better-than-human-level accuracy.

Affinda’s inbuilt intelligent OCR is capable of reading scanned documents, and even photos of documents. Our invoice reader can understand a wide range of formats, including PDF, JPG, PNG, word, and more. The vast proportion of fields can be automatically extracted with better-than-human level accuracy.

This intelligent document automation can streamline processes for many organizations that receive documents from end-users throughout the customer and client lifecycle, including:

Banks and credit institutions

E-payment and e-currency services

Legal professionals and law firms

Real estate agents and agencies

Accountants and tax advisors

Government departments

...and many more others

Want to double-check results? Simple! Affinda’s deep-learning document parser makes it easy to examine and verify results in just seconds — giving you a built-in tool for making sure all extracted data meets your standards. You can even amend and make notes on sample output, and feed those notes directly back into the AI.

This ROI will continue to increase through ongoing usage, as the model gets even better at recognizing the types of documents and formats that are specific to your organization.

We can deploy our solution in whatever way best suits your needs — whether that’s by generating JSON and XML output, or a user-friendly web interface.

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About Affinda

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