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How much will this cost to convert?

Affinda’s approach

Enhanced insights from an unlimited volume of existing resume data

4-8 weeks

Time from initial engagement to handover of a working AI model

Our three-stage approach

Our unique three-stage approach delivers a tailor-made monetizable IP within just 4 to 8 weeks:

Stage 1
Perform rapid AI diagnostic

We perform a deep-dive analysis, identifying potential applications of AI and assessing the value/cost ratio for each opportunity.

Stage 2
Create a proof of concept

We train and iterate a customer neural network, using your data, to deliver a tailored AI model with world-class performance.

Stage 3
Design, build and integrate

We deliver a plug-and-play solution that’s ready for immediate integration, and walk you through every step of its implementation.

Affinda has spent 7+ years developing a proprietary cognitive document reconstruction engine, which is capable of imposing the correct reading order on documets across a wide variety of formats.

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