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CV and Resume Review

CVs and resumes require costly manual review — a time-consuming process that’s highly susceptible to human error.

Business context and challenge.

Every interviewer extracts and evaluates information from a wide range of CV and resume formats, yet must catalogue all this data consistently.

Though many hiring managers try to reduce their workload by forcing applicants to submit resumes through pre-structured forms, this approach still requires human reviewers to:

  • Compare skills and career histories among endless applicants
  • Extract personal data for background checks
  • Identify key elements that differentiate candidates
  • Parse contact info for reference calls, and much more.

Not only does this obsolete workflow fail to identify some of the most desirable interviewees — it’s also highly time consuming, and fails to leverage the benefits of automatic sorting and indexing.

While some of today’s manual parsing solutions can assist with these procedures, they typically rely on rules-based processes that require human involvement — yet offer only minor incremental returns. 

Affinda’s solution and impact.

Affinda provides an AI-powered CV-parsing solution, automatically extracting information to improve efficiency and outcomes.

Enter Affinda, whose PDF-native artificial-intelligence solution streamlines and standardizes the CV and resume review process.

Affinda’s deep-learning architecture quickly evaluates thousands of resumes and CVs, extracting predefined text fields into a single consistent format.

Our custom-designed solutions automatically identify and highlight key resume components according to the client’s chosen criteria — rapidly zeroing in on the most pertinent words and phrases.

  • It helps recruiters generate more consistent shareable application templates.
  • It facilitates collection and cross-referencing of CVs for hiring platforms.
  • It enables enterprises to rapidly catalogue skillsets and discern ideal career paths for team members.
  • It minimizes backlog, empowering HR teams to process more applications in less time.
  • It helps reviewers identify ideal applicants for each position with measurably higher precision.

In all these ways, Affinda helps optimize an organization’s candidate selection and vetting pipeline — delivering both immediate and long-term ROI in return for a minimal onboarding time investment.

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Affinda’s approach

Enhanced insights from an unlimited volume of existing resume data

4-8 weeks

Time from initial engagement to handover of a working AI model

Our three-stage approach

Our unique three-stage approach delivers a tailor-made monetizable IP within just 4 to 8 weeks:

Stage 1
Perform rapid AI diagnostic

We perform a deep-dive analysis, identifying potential applications of AI and assessing the value/cost ratio for each opportunity.

Stage 2
Create a proof of concept

We train and iterate a customer neural network, using your data, to deliver a tailored AI model with world-class performance.

Stage 3
Design, build and integrate

We deliver a plug-and-play solution that’s ready for immediate integration, and walk you through every step of its implementation.

Affinda has spent 7+ years developing a proprietary cognitive document reconstruction engine, which is capable of imposing the correct reading order on documets across a wide variety of formats.

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