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5 Reasons Affinda is the Best Resume Parser for Recruiters

Do you usually spend hours poring over the numerous resumes you receive for each available position? Recruiters often receive hundreds of applications for each job they advertise. Spending your time reading through all of these is a time-consuming process. That’s why Affinda created the ideal solution for recruiters – our enterprise-grade resume parsing software! Keep reading to discover why you should be using Affinda to make your recruitment processes easier. 

  1. Quickly Fill Candidate ATS Profiles 

One of the best things about Affinda is that you can use it to fill in the candidate profiles in your current applicant tracking system (ATS). If you have a developer on your team, you will be able to seamlessly integrate this resume parser with your ATS of choice. As you will no longer have to type candidate information into your ATS manually, you can save hours spent on administration for each recruitment process.  

  1. Create a Searchable Database 

With hundreds, if not thousands, of resumes in your database, finding relevant candidates can be a logistical nightmare. Whether you’re a recruiter using a thtes in your database may be well suited to the position.  

Affinda can offer some structure to your database by creating logical search fields. For example, search by candidates’ highest qualifications or average time spent in each role. 

  1. Simple Resume Redaction 

Blind recruitment has become a popular choice for organisations aiming to increase fairness and diversity in their hiring processes. Many companies are surprised to find that their recruitment demographics significantly change when they start removing identifying candidate details from resumes. That’s why Affinda now offers a specialised Resume Redactor service for recruiters who prefer to run blind recruitment processes. 

You can choose which details you’d like removed to best suit the needs of your organisation. Factors commonly removed during a blind recruitment process include the candidate’s name, age, photo, and where they received their qualification. 

Recruiters also like to use the redaction service so they can forward resumes to a company without the concern that the company will directly contact the applicant. 

Affinda’s approach

Enhanced insights from an unlimited volume of existing resume data

4-8 weeks

Time from initial engagement to handover of a working AI model

Our three-stage approach

Our unique three-stage approach delivers a tailor-made monetizable IP within just 4 to 8 weeks:

Stage 1
Perform rapid AI diagnostic

We perform a deep-dive analysis, identifying potential applications of AI and assessing the value/cost ratio for each opportunity.

Stage 2
Create a proof of concept

We train and iterate a customer neural network, using your data, to deliver a tailored AI model with world-class performance.

Stage 3
Design, build and integrate

We deliver a plug-and-play solution that’s ready for immediate integration, and walk you through every step of its implementation.

Affinda has spent 7+ years developing a proprietary cognitive document reconstruction engine, which is capable of imposing the correct reading order on documets across a wide variety of formats.

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