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AI resume screening might just be the easiest way to change your process from good to great.

AI Resume Screening: Hacking the Recruitment Process

5 minutes
Why do things the hard way if there's a better option right there? Take a look at AI resume screening.
Parsing resumes directly to Salesforce turns out much easier than you'd think.

You Can Finally Parse Resumes to Salesforce. Here's How.

4 minutes
If you've been wishing for an easy way to parse resumes to salesforce, wish no more. Here's how it's done.
A multilingual resume parser helps you stay relevant in a global world.

Expand Your Reach with a Multilingual Resume Parser

4 Minutes
A multilingual resume parser has the potential to help you expand your reach, diversify your workforce, and become more relevant in your place of service.
Resume redaction software is the easiest way to get a well-qualified, fully diverse team together.

Resume Redaction Software for Bias-Free Recruiting

3 Minutes
Diversity is more than a catchphrase; it can increase productivity, reduce groupthink, and help your company beat any competition. But what is the secret to a diverse, well-qualified workforce? What you need is resume redaction software.
Setting up a system to extract skills from a resume using python doesn't have to be hard.

Here's How to Extract Skills from a Resume Using Python

3 Minutes
There are many ways to extract skills from a resume using python. We'll look at three here.
Automated resume screening software can be transformational for your HR team.

Top Automated Resume Screening Software Hacks

3 Minutes
Automated Resume Screening Software is more than just an easy way to comb through resumes. Here's how you can make the most out of this cutting-edge AI tool.
What is Resume Parsing?

What Is Resume Parsing and Why Is It a Must in 2022?

6 Minutes
What is resume parsing? It's a process of extracting candidate info from CVs. It's industry standard and you need to be on top of it in 2022.
Parsing resumes is easy if you've got AI working for you.

Parsing Resumes the Easy Way

3 Minutes
Parsing resumes becomes simple if you've got the right software: AI based parsing tools that do all the work for you.
Is resume parsing software the missing ingredient?

Resume Parsing Software to Jumpstart Your Recruitment Process

4 Minutes
Is resume parsing software the missing ingredient for a happily productive HR office? Here's our argument.
With AI resume screening, hiring is a completely different ball game.

Everything You Need to Know About AI Resume Screening for Hiring Agencies

4 Minutes
What is AI Resume Screening, and why do you need it? What are the benefits, and is it worth it for your hiring agency? Here are your answers.
A CV parser can automate every part of the hiring process.

Why You Need a CV Parser

3 Minutes
What is a CV parser, and why should it top the list of essential software for every HR or hiring department? Here's the down-low.
Match candidates with roles using automated resume screening

Integrating Automated Resume Screening Software into Your ATS

6 Minutes
Automated resume screening for your ATS enables you to match qualified candidates with the roles that fit them perfectly - no guesswork is required.