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Affinda’s AI solutions work with your existing systems — extracting maximum value from your documents with minimal upfront investment.

Fact: As much as

80 %

of the world’s data is unstructured. In the past, organizations have been limited to just three problematic approaches for processing unstructured data.

Three outdated approaches:

Affinda’s solution:

Three outdated approaches:

Leave data

Problem: Inability to derive ongoing value

extract data

Problem: Significant cost and high error rate

Rules-based /
template-based processing

Problem: Numerous errors due to edge cases

Affinda’s solution:

extract data

Results: enhanced accuracy, near-instant processing, and higher-value outcomes for a smaller investment

Featured use cases.

Here’s just a small subset of our AI technology’s applications. 

Affinda’s Solution.

Our Intelligent Processing Automation (IPA) solutions use AI to automatically extract data and insights from your documents.

Document Received

Automated Processing

With neural networks

Document Processed

Affinda’s solution automates document processing —  freeing up your team to focus on growing your business.

Applications of Affinda.

Automatically extract data and insights, from any document type —

across a wide range of functions and industries.



Data Sheets

Customer Forms


Financial Documents


And more...


Increase efficiency across the board — freeing your team

to focus on higher-value activities​.

95% reduction in document processing time

Enhanced insights from an unlimited volume of existing data

Close to 100% accuracy in information extraction — better than human level

Affinda's use cases.

Here’s just a small subset of our AI technology’s applications. Don’t see your industry below? We’d love to design a solution custom-tailored for your organization. Schedule your free consultation here!

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