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AI-powered parsing solution, automatically extracting information to improve efficiency and outcomes.

Affinda’s solutions work seamlessly with your existing systems, capturing benefits quickly with minimal upfront investment.

Our three-stage approach

Our unique three-stage approach maximizes ROI from your document processes.

Stage 1
Scoping Study

We perform a deep-dive analysis, identifying potential applications of AI and assessing the value/cost ratio for each opportunity.

Stage 2
Create a proof of concept

We train and iterate a customer neural network, using your data, to deliver a tailored AI model with world-class performance.

Stage 3
Design, build and integrate

We deliver a plug-and-play solution that’s ready for immediate integration, and walk you through every step of its implementation.

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We’ll handle all the gritty details.

All we need from you

Your Data

We take client privacy extremely seriously. We will never share your data — or the resulting models — with anyone.

what you get in return

Our Data

We use a unique approach called transfer learning — leveraging our library of 500 million labeled examples to reduce training data requirements by 90% or more.

Tailored models

We custom-build deep-learning neural networks around your business’s unique use case — along with tried-and-true models for common tasks like sentiment analysis.

your results

Best in class performance…

Our dedication to ongoing enhancement and self-driven learning ensures that every use of our models delivers ongoing performance improvement.

…deployed specifically for your business

RESTful APIs make deployment easy for developers — without any need for costly mass migration. We can even provide self-hosted solutions via Docker containers.

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Classic problems we’re solving.

Affinda has solved 6 notorious AI investment challenges:

Hard-to-read documents

Affinda’s solution:

We’ve spent the past 7 years developing a proprietary cognitive document reconstruction algorithm, which enables our AI to read documents with human-level accuracy.
Excessive data requirements

Affinda’s solution:

Our models use transfer learning to deliver human-quality performance with as few as 50 annotated test documents.
Huge computing power demands

Affinda’s solution:

Our models are specifically designed to be easy to deploy and integrate — and they only require a single GPU to run.
Expensive data science teams

Affinda’s solution:

We’ve democratized the process of building AI solutions. Our proprietary data-labeling and model-training software turns your entire workforce into citizen data scientists.

Affinda’s solution:

Our results-driven team of consultants and AI engineers ensures that business value remains the top priority for every project.

Affinda’s solution:

We build every dataset in-house, and train our models on secure servers with enterprise-level encryption. Solutions can be deployed on desktop, or can be self-hosted internally.

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